today's activity


/ To take class of  Yoshida teacher

/ To take class of environment bussiness

/To send a message to Takemura

/To take class of environment planning 

/To send a message to Horita about course plan

/To write a chip for LabHP

/To read a book "KOKOROZASHI TAKAKU -Son Masayoshi"

/To read 

/To take test for ECCS

/To send a message to Konno about yesterday meeting

/To send a message to Endo about for attending  Events of Internet-adiction

/To register some one-day -job 

/To send a Line to deko about Hata and Yokota attending 

/To send a Line to Tahara and apologize for missing ticket

/To decide Saturday and Sunday schedule

/To run the program of Nagase 

/To entry a Consultant farm